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I’m Deepika, the Owner

I’m Drona, the Owl

Welcome, it’s nice to meet you

I have been teaching for nearly 10 years! My passion has always been to work with Children and Young People and to support dreams into becoming a reality.

I work with all age groups, from primary up to secondary GCSE including children with SEN and support through Entrance Exams.

I mainly work online, however I support some students face to face in the Peterborough area, depending on my timetable availability.

I also own the business, so you may see me sometimes with my Administration hat on, my Marketing hat on or my Accountancy hat on, just to name a few. But my favourite hat is always to wear my Tutor hat!

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How can we help?

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We pride ourselves on supporting your child or students by providing the necessary tools and techniques to support them with their learning.

We understand that every child/student is unique and learns in their own specific way, therefore Drona Tutoring provides professional support tailored to meet their needs.

We are dedicated to building a strong rapport to work together and move forward, by using a student led approach. Students are encouraged to ask questions and highlight to the tutor when they do not understand any work.

Drona Tutoring Brings...

a positive work ethic

a commitment to students to support achieving their goals

a fresh perspective

celebrations when the goal has been achieved

How do we start?

At Drona Tutoring we hold a free detailed consultation with yourself and your child to assess their specific needs as well as their strengths and weaknesses and any future goals.

We then carefully match you with the Tutor most suited to you and prepare the tools to support your child to become a competent and confident learner.

A learning plan is then created to organise the learning at a pace suitable for the child.

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Special Educational Needs

At Drona Tutoring we are inclusive of every need, whether they are high functioning or low functioning, we have the experience to support your child's needs. We advise one-to-one tuition with your child if they have additional needs in order to prepare them with the correct tools to support engagement and learning. We can also support children in small groups as this may be preferred with peers around them. Learners are presented with individual personalised goals and supported during their journey with professional engagement with an experienced tutor to meet regular short term targets. The tutor will keep a learning plan of the journey to record the learning for each session to discuss the learning with the learner and the parents.

We have experience in working with the following educational needs:

Autism Spectrum disorder

Auditory and Visual impairments


Non-Verbal Learning disabilities

Global delay


Gifted and Talented (high functioning)

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Specialises in:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Entrance exams
  • SEN

Our Team

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Specialises in:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • SEN


Specialises in:

  • Year 7 - Year 9
  • SEN
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Specialises in:

  • Primary
  • SEN

Why are we called Drona Tutoring?

Drona, means teacher/tutor in Sanskrit, my ancestral tongue. Teaching and learning is a big part of my life growing up, and I clearly remember the stories told by my grandfather speaking about his own father going to different schools and villages in India to support young children with their education.

Education has always been important in my family and my grandfather was passionate that his grandchildren were all made aware of their background and would be encouraged and supported to follow their dreams to reach their full potential in whichever profession they wanted to pursue in the future.

Thus, I wanted to continue with these values and Drona Tutoring was born.


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